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Hard Case Card Wallet 💳 NOW 50% OFF! 📣

Hard Case Card Wallet 💳 NOW 50% OFF! 📣

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This finely crafted luxury card wallet provides a home for all the essentials of your busy life—phone, cards, wallet. Everything you need to live your life to the fullest and look great while doing it.

With this new case, everything you need will be secure in one dependable place.

The Hard Case Protection Card Wallet impresses with its multi-functionality and is ideal for people who like to keep it simple: the most important cards, a few banknotes, a little change, and a couple of receipts.

Hard Case Card Wallet Features

  • Our Hard Case Protection Card Wallet is the first aluminum wallet with integrated card and coin compartments featuring a patented storage system for security and organization
  • The card compartment includes storage for up to 6 credit cards and an additional compartment for business cards, receipts, tickets, or 2 more credit cards
  • The cash compartment features a slide function for coin storage and stainless steel pocket for banknotes
  • High-glossy sleek metallic surface guards against RFID scanning, demagnetization, or damage from water splashes, sand, snow, or mechanical load
  • Organic design with smooth lines and curves, extremely robust and durable but lightweight

Compared to regular wallets and purses made from leather, our aluminum cases protect cards from illegal data theft, so-called RFID-Scanning. (RFID-Radio Frequency Identification)

RFID Scanning is when personal data, which is increasingly stored on RFID chips on credit cards, debit cards, and even new ID-cards and passports are illegally scanned. In this case, data from RFID chips is detected and read out by mobile scanners from a short distance, they can even scan through regular leather wallets, purses, pants, and jacket pockets.

Our products, on the other hand, are made from a fully sealed aluminum polymer compound. This is what keeps the scanner's radio waves from getting in touch with the RFID chip and hereby blocks the scanning and protects the stored data inside your wallet.

This aluminum-polymer compound also protects cards from electromagnetic radiation and demagnetization. In addition, this tough but lightweight exterior protects the contents inside your wallet against mechanical damage or breaking apart and denting, weather-related influences such as snow, rain, sand, and liquids. That's why our products make a perfect "pocket safe" in a mini-format.

    Package Include: 

    • 1 x Hard Case Protection Card Wallet